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21. What is Dream Theater's longest song?

"Learning to Live"
"Trial of Tears"
"A Change of Seasons"
"Lines in the Sand"

22. What is Dream Theater's shortest song?

"Status Seeker"
"The Silent Man"
"Hell's Kitchen"
"A Fortune in Lies"
"Wait for Sleep"

23. What was the original title for "The Mirror?"

"Puppies on Acid"
"The Jaffo"
"Virtual Reflection"
"Industrial Institution"

24. What is John Myung's favorite song from Awake?

"Caught In A Web"
"The Mirror"
"Lifting Shadows Off A Dream"
"Space-Dye Vest"

25. What is Mike Portnoy's favorite song from Awake?

"Innocence Faded"

26. What is James LaBrie's favorite song from Awake?

"Lifting Shadows Off A Dream"

27. Which one of these is not a tattoo on Mike Portnoy?

Burning Heart
The Ytsejam
"Carpe Diem"
Pentagram from Rush's 2112
John Lennon drawing

28. Which member of Dream Theater recorded and sang a Perry Cuomo song for thier girlfriend?

James LaBrie
John Myung
John Petrucci
Mike Portnoy
Derek Sherinian

29. Who sang the demo version of "Lie?"

James LaBrie
Elton John
Shannon Hoon
Doug Pinnick
Kevin Moore

30. What Majesty song was actually written before the John's and Kevin met Mike at Berklee?

"Another Won"
"Your Majesty"
"A Vision"
"Vital Star"
"March of the Tyrant"

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