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Welcome to one of the oldest Dream Theater sites on the internet and home of the original Dream Theater Quiz!

2007.11.18 I created this site in 1997, and though I had created a few web pages before, this was my first attempt at a full-fledged web site. I maintained it for a long time, but eventually another site became the official Dream Theater site. By that point it was just too difficult for me to compete with the official site. Fortunately, there was the quiz, which brought in a lot of people, including all five members of Dream Theater at that time! Even though it's old and crappy, I'm presenting the site here in a relatively untouched state. As far I as know, everything still works...well, everything important. Here's to ten more years of designing websites! :o)
2003.06.30 Trimming the fat around here. A lot of this stuff was out-of-date and on the official page, anyway. I'm sure no one'll miss it.
2003.06.29 Finally! I'm updating this site...fixin' 'er up right nice.

Notice the really long gap here?

1998.08.27 A major overhaul of the site is complete. I fixed a lot of "problems" with the site, but I doubt anyone will notice ;o)
1998.07.07 I finally finished the new site map. Now you can view THE DRE/\M THE/\TER with or without frames.
1998.06.30 Under a Cyber Moon is now the official Dream Theater site. Oh well, we can't all have the official site ;o)
1998.06.17 Major work is being done on the site. Just felt like it needed a little fixing. If you see something wrong, tell me.
1998.06.16 I finally uploaded the picture of my tattoo!! Check it out on the pics page. I completely remade the pics page...lots of cool stuff :o)
1998.06.15 This page is added to provide more up-to-date information.
1997.11.17 This site is officially online! Though it has been online for a while, it wasn't until I finished everything and put a counter on it that I finally considered it fully active. If you think about it, it's probably much older than this...

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