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instruMENTAL.mp3 This is a remix/tribute/homage thing that I mixed using the heaviest instrumental portions of Dream Theater. I used as broad a range of material as I could. It was finishing in 2000, so it ranges from When Dream and Day Unite until Falling Into Infinity. 8.2MB
tattoo.jpg When I was 18, I got a Ytsejam tattoo on my back. A couple years later, I met the band and they signed it. A few years after that, I met Jordan Rudess and he signed it. I told them I was going to tattoo their signatures on there, but look how big everyone wrote. I'm a huge fan, but come on.. ;o) If you want to see the picture, it's on the official DT site. Just go to the official site and select my name. 16.3kb
background.gif This is the original background for this site. It's a tile picture, but it's uh...out-of-date. 21.6kb


I neglected this site for a few years and this is how it was before I started reworking everything. This is a big file, but it's the entire old site. 12MB

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