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1. Which of the following people appeared on a DT album?

Arthur C. Clarke (Author)
Joe Satriani (Guitarist)
Vaughn Williams (Composer)
Prix-Mo (Rapper)
Charles Knight (Doctor)

2. Which of these titles was the original title for "Take the Time?"

"Settling Differences"
"Cinema Paradiso"
"Grab That Feel"
"Time for Taking"
"Needing it All"

3. Which of these titles was the original title for "Learning to Live?"

"Dealing with Death"
"Creep With Tonality"
"Living Alive"
"Spritual Void"
"Nightmare Song"

4. Which of these titles was the original title for "Surrounded?"

"She and He"
"Light of Love"
"Song Three"
"March Music"
"The Longest Night"

5. Which of these songs is not a Dream Theater song?

"Another World"
"Another Day"
"Another Won"
"Another Hand"
"Another Change"

6. Which of these is not a song recorded or performed by Dream Theater?

"Glass Menagerie"
"Gates of Babylon"
"Resurrection of Ernie"
"The Death of Spock"

7. What was the last musical contribution by Kevin Moore?

"To Live Forever"
"Space-Dye Vest"
"Pull Me Under"

8. Which two of these songs share the same melody transposed?

"Space-Dye Vest" and "Take Away My Pain"
"Bombay Vindaloo" and "Learning to Live"
"Surrounded" and "Status Seeker"
"Pull Me Under" and "Take The Time"
"The Killing Hand" and "Another Day"

9. Which album does not have the Ytsejam symbol on the cover?

When Dream and Day Unite
Images and Words
Live at the Marquee
A Change of Seasons
Falling Into Infinity

10. Which one of these people did not play with Dream Theater?

Neil Peart
Doug Pinnick
Jordan Rudess
Jay Beckenstein
The Del Fuvio Monks

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